Post-NFL Career Planning

When a player decides to turn pro and sign with an agent it is an extremely exciting time, probably the most exciting time of their lives besides being drafted. Eating, sleeping, training, and carrying oneself like a pro is a must. The pressures of family and friends take on a whole new dynamic. You have an opportunity to make more money in one year than some folks can in a lifetime. Then it's over. The phone stops ringing. The pats on the back become far and few. Instead of people reminding you not to forget about them once you make it to the league, these same folks forget about you once you are out of it. The average NFL career lasts just 2.5 years, yet to become a vested NFL player (Severance, Annuity, 401k) in the NFL, you must be on an active roster for at least 3 years. Once retired, your daily social network of teammates, trainers, and coaches has dwindled to mom and dad. Your identity as a football player is now that of an ex-football player. Your daily structure of football has been replaced with nothing. That's where I can and will help.

Rich Sports has realized this extremely important aspect of their clients' lives. Dave Rich and Trey McFarlin have recognized the importance of post NFL career support. Most every agent that you have spoken to or met with seems to think their job as your agent is over once your football playing days are through. At Rich Sports that is truly not the case. As far as I'm concerned this IS the most important time of our client's lives. As Rich Sports' Director of Post Career Planning it is my job to make sure our clients are in the best possible position to transition into their post-NFL careers.

How do we accomplish these goals? Through education- have you graduated? Do you want to further your education? If so, there are NFL education reimbursement programs we can take advantage of. Finding out our clients' other passions besides football is another way to accomplish your goals. Internships- the NFL offers offseason internships so take advantage of them. Networking- as an NFL player you have a tremendous platform that you must take advantage of. Maximizing your 401k and Annuity Programs is another area that needs attention. Understanding your NFL Health Savings Account. Understanding Line of Duty Disability Benefits, Medicare Benefits, Neurological Benefits, Joint Replacement Benefits, Assisted Living Benefits, Life Insurance Benefits are all other post-career concerns.

As you can see, once your playing days are over it should NOT mean that your agent is through with you as well. Rich Sports recognizes every aspect of an NFL player's career and is determined to maximize it and see it through.

Paying it forward, Zach Piller


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