When It's Time To Renegotiate

After a client has earned 4 accrued seasons, he may be eligible to become an Unrestricted Free Agent and free to sign with any team. It is our job to find the right team for him and to work tirelessly to make sure we maximize his income. To accomplish that goal, we analyze the following data:
  • Salary cap situation of every NFL team, including current and future expenses concerning players at our client's position
  • Roster and depth charts of every NFL team at our client's position
  • Likelihood of a team bringing back a veteran player or exercising an option on a restricted free agent based on projected payments and salary cap limitations
  • Tendencies of prospective coordinators, position coaches, offensive and defensive schemes and how our player fits with each prospective team
In 2012 our client on the Pittsburgh Steelers, Doug Legursky, was coming off his 4th accrued season and entering Unrestricted Free Agency. Doug wanted to compete for a starting job. We analyzed who Doug was as a client, what teams were a good fit for him and what skills he brought to a new team. We then targeted teams that fit his strengths (toughness, position flexibility and a tad undersized for a guard/center). We marketed Doug to teams we knew he could make (Denver, Buffalo, New York Giants) and were able to negotiate a deal that beat most of his peers at his position, many of whom had started more games in their career than he had at that point.
In the end, as shown below, the Buffalo Bills were the right spot for Doug, who proceeded to start 11 games in 2013 after he signed his new 2 year contract. We like to credit his fit to the countless hours of work our staff at Rich Sports spent helping Doug find a new home! That is what sets us apart from the big agencies where an agent is often too busy with other, bigger named clients to help a player maximize his value in the market. We want to make a difference!
Player Draft Position Career Starts New Team 2013 Money 2014 Money
Rich Ornberger RD 4 - 2009 4 of 18 (22%) Chargers $650,000y $0
Geoff Schwartz Rd 7- 2008 19 of 45 (42%) Chiefs $700,000 $0
Eben Britton Rd 2- 2009 30 of 37 (81%) Bears $715,000 $0
Chilo Rachal Rd 2- 2008 46 of 64 (72%) Cardinals $715,000 $0
Mike Pollack Rd 2- 2008 41 of 58 (70%) Bengals $715,000 $0
DOUG LEGURSKY Undrafted 2008 17 of 50 (34%) Bills $1,000,000 $950,000

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