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We have laid a great foundation for future success with hard work, good people and a great plan.
We are looking for good people like you to further build on our success.

Ricco HughesDirector of Football Operations/Player Development CFLPA Certified Agent
Trey McFarlinSouth & Southeast Territory Agent NFLPA/CFLPA Certified Agent
Matt BreiMidwest Region Agent

Ricco has over 10 years of experience in the sport management industry. He is also the founder-director of the Kentucky vs. Tennessee Future Stars Football Classic. Ricco played college football at Cumberlands College in Kentucky and has coached youth football in Kentucky for 20 years. Ricco lives in Louisville with his wife Rica and his three children Ricco, Damon and Raina.

Trey is an attorney with 10 years of experience, licensed to practice law in the state of Tennessee. He lives in Nashville with his wife, Sarah. Trey and his family established Specials Kids, Inc. in Murfreesboro, TN.

Matt specializes in negotiating player contracts, endorsements and marketing, preparing players for the NFL draft process, and player career guidance. Matt is a 1998 graduate of Luther College (IA) where he was a team MVP and team captain as a quarterback. He has worked in public accounting, professional sports consulting, executive compensation consulting and coaching. He has coached at both the high school and collegiate level. Matt, his wife Deb, and their son live in the Minneapolis.St, Paul (MN) area.

Zach PillerDirector of Post Career Counseling & Player Relations / CFLPA Certified Agent
Chris AdkinsDirector of College Scouting / Recruiting Coordinator

Zach Piller is an 8 year NFL veteran, playing with the Titans, Lions and Giants. He was the 3rd round pick (81st overall) of the Tennessee Titans in the 1999 NFL Draft. Zach was a starter on the 1996 Florida Gator National Championship team. Zach has consulted and trained several Rich Sports OL/DL. He currently resides in Brentwood, TN with his wife, Victoria and his two children, Zoe and Axl.

With a library of over 815 games of current college athletes, Chris' job is to evaluate and analyze college game film, scouting reports from NFL publications and help form the annual Rich Sports revruiting class. Chris is responsible for finding such diamonds in the rough as Sean Hooe (Rams), Omar Brown (Ravens), Doug Legursky (Steelers) and Erik Walden (Cowboys).


In addition to our two NFLPA certified and three CFLPA certified contract advisers, we also have on our staff additional full time employees, including secretaries, personal assistants, travel coordinators, bookkeepers, associates and marketing personnel. We are a full-service agency capable of handling all of our players' needs.

Jeremy Mullins
Linda Brewster
Mary West
Butch Hiles

Jeremy Mullins is a licensed and registered nutritionist / dietitian who counsels, monitors, educates and advises Rich Sports athletes. He gives each class the "Nutrition Talk" to start out the year and then helps create a diet plan for each player, based upon that players's individual needs. His team helped Steelers Center Doug Legursky trim his body fat from 26% to 18% and helped Falcon Wide Receiver Harry Douglas put on nearly 20 pounds of muscle in four months in preparation for the NFL Combine and his rookie season.

Linda Brewster is a Wonderlic test tutor with nearly 20 years of teaching experience. Linda helps prepare Rich Sports clients for the Wonderlic and / or Psychology testing during weekly tutoring sessions with each player. Linda is responsible for the success of many players who improved their scores by 0-12 points after going through her weekly tutoring sessions.

Mary West conducts the Rich Sports aquatic workout and the flexibility / pilates / yoga portion of the Rich Sports training. Unlike many "water workouts" offered by the competitors who simply throw an athlete in a pool and tether him on the side with a rope to doggy paddle helplessly for 30 second intervals, Mary has created a 45 minute intense cardio / plyometric workout that taxes the players and improves their performance in the Combine drills.

Butch hiles is the owner and founder of Butch Hiles Braxilian Jujitsu / Mixed Martial Arts. He has successfully trained many MMA fighters and currently trains the Rich Sports athletes in MMA, boxing, jujitsu and grappling. The response from the plays has been tremendous and their continued success in the trenches on the NFL field is due in large part to training with Butch and the gang.

Tammy Webber
John Hess

Tammy Webber is a licensed massage therapist who assists the Rich Sports athletes with deep tissue massage, trigger point massage therapy and sports massage therapy. Tamm'ys expertise and extensive knowledge help the Rich Sports athletes recover from rigorous workouts faster and help them to maximize their potential both in their workouts and at the all-important NFL Combine or at their Pro Days

John Hess, CPA, is a certified public accountant who assists Rich Sports clients with their tax planning and federal and state income tax filing, tax planning, advice and assistance.












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